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2nd Grade Math - Word Problem Clues

Clip 1/11: Word Clues Planning - Part 1


In this video, Tracy Lewis works with her colleagues Anthony Rogers, Leslie Thornley, and Camille Paris to plan the lesson.

Teacher Commentary

This planning team was drawn together for the purpose of this recorded lesson. Mr. Rogers teaches 6th grade at the school, and Ms. Paris is a 3rd grade teacher at Anna Yates. By working together across grade levels, we were able to discuss the importance of conceptual understanding of "how many more," and equipping students with strategies for solving that question. Ms. Paris found that some students still had challenges with this problem in 3rd grade. We discuss the use of a number line, base 10 blocks, and alternative work samples from another group of 2nd graders, in which a student used base 10 blocks and crossed them out to find the difference. We wanted students to find strategies to enhance their understanding of the algorithm

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