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2nd grade math - addition & subtraction word problems with unknowns

Clip 4/11: Language for Collaborative Group Work


In a whole-group discussion, Mia engages her 2nd-grade students in identifying productive behaviors for sharing, doing math, and working independently. She asks students for examples of what they should say when they are taking turns, and writes down their contributions on an anchor chart.

Teacher Commentary

Here, I’m modeling some suggestions for what students might say when they are waiting their turn: “I want to do that next.” When someone tells you their answer, and a student wants to hear the answer again, a student suggests asking, “Could you count it again?” I remind students that they need to work independently, and ask them for ideas about what students could do if they need help: “Ask someone in your group, ask someone in another group, or switch activities.” Lastly, I challenge my students to “always be asking yourself: does this make sense?”