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2nd grade math - addition & subtraction word problems with unknowns

Clip 9/11: August Post-Lesson Debrief


Flashback: On the third day of school, Mia reflected on how she introduced the “Diva’s Stickers” structure. In that lesson, she described her rationale of approaching the first introduction of tools and naming kinds of problems.

Teacher Commentary

I recognize that some features of tools are more salient than others (e.g., quantity versus color), but also appropriate use of tools and the importance of recognizing and honoring other people’s thinking. We might not finish our work with tools right away and may need more time in order to prove our thinking. I wanted to model that my idea might not be finished, and I might need more time with my idea. So I don’t want someone else to take my idea apart if I’m still thinking. This is an important idea for our year-long work in problem-solving workshop.