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1st Grade Math - Developing Student Understanding of Non-Standard and Standard Measurement

Clip 16/17: Measurement Lesson Part E4


In closing her lesson on non-standard measurement with first-grade students, Tracy Sola asks the group to consider how their use of iterative measurement with cubes is similar to a number line. She describes various approaches used by the students and asks the students to evaluate which strategy would be the most accurate.

Teacher Commentary

One of the hallmarks of non-standard measurement is, whatever your unit of measure is, it stays the same. And so, they were writing numbers of all different sizes, and so, I don't think they were really in a place to realize yet (or at least in that short period of time) that all the numbers had to be exactly the same height for that to work.

So, that's just that idea of scale on a number line that is also, I think, a standard in subsequent grades; it's just not a standard in first grade.

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