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1st Grade Math - Developing Student Understanding of Non-Standard and Standard Measurement

Clip 14/17: Measurement Lesson Part E2


Tracy Sola asks the first-grade students to measure the giraffes on the “Measuring Mammals” worksheet, giving them only one cube to do so. She says, “Try to figure out how tall each giraffe is and prove who is the tallest.” Tracy circulates among the partners, asking questions to develop their thinking.

Teacher Commentary

When I’m helping students develop their thinking through questioning, I ask, “Why do you think that works? What would happen if?”

By asking open-ended questions, I can help them keep getting their words out. Although I know my mathematical goal in the end, I try not to narrow the conversation too much by asking more of a closed question. I just try to ask open questions so that the kids don't feel intimidated, like they might give the wrong answer.

They could just say what they're thinking about this lesson so we can put it all together for some understanding.

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