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2nd Grade Math - ¿Como Se Suma? How Do We Add?

Clip 1/3: 2nd Grade Pre-Talk


Katy Arrillaga and her coach Mia Buljan anticipate the day’s lesson, which is based on the MARS task “Sheep and Ducks.” In their review of the students’ work in a previous task, they discuss how the students showed solid number sense. Arrillaga talks about the routine of number talks, where she strives to build on what they did the day before. Her students have been working on the idea of “friendly 10s,” where the students recognize that a given number is close to a nearby 10. She recognizes that some students like the friendly 10, and some prefer other strategies. She discusses her rationale for selecting certain number pairs so that they will stay close to a friendly 10 that the students are comfortable with; she sets an appropriate level of cognitive demand for the students.