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4th Grade Math - Understanding Fractions

Clip 2/10: 4th Grade Lesson 1 - Part B


Michelle’s students create visual representations and models of various areas, comparing them in a sharing among the whole group of students. They explain their visual representations, clarifying their thinking and making corrections when necessary.

Teacher Commentary

MICHELLE MAKINSON: We were starting to see a wider array of the students being able to access that information, so all the kids were able to, at least at some point, get to the fact that if there's twenty kids and eight of them are boys and twelve are girls, that the fraction is some version of eight out of twenty.

Some students were trying to simplify the fraction and rename it, but they did some mathematical errors — and so they were trying to get fancy. They didn't want to just do eight out of twenty. They wanted to jump to that equivalent fraction, and they made some mistakes along the way. But they were able to regroup and it was good modeling about what you do when you make a mistake.

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