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Classroom Video Visits

Learning from the practices of others is a powerful way to improve teaching. Here, you can explore real mathematics teaching and learning by exploring everyday classrooms where educators are working to refine their mathematics teaching practices.

Public Lessons

Developed by the Noyce Foundation and taught by practicing teachers and professional developers, these lessons have been extensively field-tested in multiple settings and refined over time, and are generally presented to an audience of participating students and observing teachers.

Number Talks

Number talks were developed for classroom teachers to engage students in "mental math" through grappling with interesting mathematics problems.

Problems of the Month

Problems of the Month were developed for entire schools to get involved in multilevel explorations of mathematics concepts.

Formative Re-Engaging Lessons

Formative Re-Engaging Lessons involve a cycle of inquiry, instruction, assessment, analysis, selection, and re-engagement around a mathematical concept.


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