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2nd Grade: Number of the Day

In this Number Talk, Stephanie Letson engages her 2nd grade students in finding multiple ways to write equations that result in the number 170. She introduces her students with some norms for their learning, such as listening, sharing, writing. She introduces the day’s number by asking them what they notice about the number, and what those noticings (multiple of ten, even number) might mean for their equations. Students work individually, then share in small groups, then share as a whole group. Letson facilitates their discussion and follows student insights when they are offered.

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Stephanie Letson sets up the expectations for engagement, orients students to some ways to think about the number of the day, and sets them to the task of devising multiple ways of arriving at the number 170. She reminds them of the multiple purposes of writing during this lesson – both to get their ideas on paper as well as to learn from the ideas of others. The students work individually to identify multiple ways of getting to 170, and then share out their methods with each other. Letson circulates around the room during this time conferring with table groups. She then debriefs the students’ work and shows multiple ways that students had of getting to 170. In the final moments of the number talk, Letson notes a particular method of reasoning that two different table groups used to solve for 170. She notes in the whole group sharing that multiple students are writing down this method so that they can use it in the future.

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