Lesson Part 3B

lesson part 3b

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Molly McNinch’s students engage with the example work, evaluating and discussing the thought processes of “Judi,” “Gerry,” and “Heather.”

lesson part 3b

9th Grade Math - Modeling through Geometry: Circumference of a Cup’s Roll
Molly McNinch, Woodside High School, Sequoia Union High School District, Woodside, California

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It is helpful to see, scanning the entire class, "Okay. Everybody's looking at the red one. What can I give them for the red one?", or, "Everybody's looking at the yellow. How can I use the yellow one?" Then I can be focusing on, "How can I best move my class as a unit?" versus, "How can I help one group, then the other, then the other?" Pushing them as a unit. I think they did a good job. There were only a few groups who didn't have much more that they needed to do to get to their solution, but overall, I think a lot of them improved a lot.