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Lesson closure.


9th-11th Grade Math - Quadratic Functions
Barbara Shreve, San Lorenzo High School, San Lorenzo Unified School District, San Leandro, California

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BARBARA SHREVE: that, it's going to look like that, going to look like that. I want you to choose, okay? Not being sure of the numbers. Oh, they ring it two minutes early. Hang on one second. Ladies and gentlemen, can I say one thing? Please, before you pack up, I know you need to go but can you stay put for one minute? Get shorter Terrence, please. Thank you. Okay, I don't want to keep you long but I thought I had two more minutes that I was going to use, so I won't use them all. I really, really appreciate your hard work today. Spaldo, I need you to listen. I really appreciate your hard work today and I like seeing the kinds of conversations that you're having about what matches and why. So I saw some really good work in your teams and some good thinking about these weird things as I tried to trick you in as many ways as I could think of. Thank you. I need you to do two things for me. I need you to make sure that you leave this here with your name on it. Lots of people weren't writing their names when I came around. If you need your notebook for Algebra B, you can take it. If you don't, I would love you to leave it so I can take a look at those over the break, please. Make sure you're catching up on any Algebra B homework that you missed over the break, and have a great one.

The teacher thanks the class for good conversations about what matches and why. Then the teacher gives directions for cleaning up and work to be completed over the break.