7th Grade Math - Area And Perimeter



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This lesson is based on the results of a performance task that was given to the students a couple weeks prior to the documented lesson. We choose a MARS problem called “Pizza Crusts.” After grading and analyzing student work, we realized that students’ understanding of area and perimeter was mostly procedural. We wanted to create a lesson that allowed them to make connections between the procedure and a model, while justifying their thinking.

Therefore the purpose of this re-engagement lesson was to address student misconceptions and deepen student understanding of area and perimeter. The standards addressed in this lesson involve finding perimeter and area of various shapes, finding the perimeter when given a fixed area, and using a formula in a practical context. Challenges for our students included decoding the language in the problem and proving their thinking.

7th grade math - area and perimeter

Taught by: Antoinette Villarin, Fernando Rivera Middle School, Jefferson Elementary School District, Daly City, California

Mathematical Strand:
- Geometry (elementary)