Problem 4 - Part A

problem 4 - part a

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In this problem, students are introduced to another task and use tiles and their think sheets.

problem 4 - part a

5th Grade Math - Proportions & Ratios
Hillary Lewis-Wolfsen, Forest Park Elementary School, Fremont Unified School District, Fremont, California

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HILLARY LEWIS-WOLFSEN: Okay. We have more. There we go. Oh, sorry. Okay! You remember this one? Okay! I need a reader. Who’s going to read this one for me? I don’t call on “Ooo, ooo, ooo’s” but I will call on.. I can’t see your name, Katherine!

KATHERINE: In a packet of mixed candies there are 2 fruit centers for every 3 caramel centers. There are 30 candies in the packet. How many caramel centers are there? How many fruit centers are there?

HILLARY LEWIS-WOLFSEN: Okay. You remember this problem? I’m going to ask you to figure it out again, but this time, we have some tiles that you may… Do we have them to share with pairs, is that how we…


HILLARY LEWIS-WOLFSEN: Okay. We have them, if you want to use the tiles, we’re going to go ahead and pass those out. You don’t have to use them. Whatever you do, I would like you to try to write something down on your paper, if you can. That way, we can see what you’re doing later. But if you’re just using tiles, that’s fine. So we’ll pass these out, I want you to solve this, work on this, talk about it with your partner. Thank you Ms. Liu! Thank you, Mrs. Dobson!

This problem was actually number 3 on the task. We pulled them out of order because we felt that this was the meatier problem and would be a better one to use the tiles.