Introduction - Part B

introduction - part b

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In this clip, a student attempts to define multiplication.

introduction - part b

4th Grade Math - Number Operations: Multiplication & Division
Becca Sherman, Bayshore School District, Daly City, California

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STUDENT A: I don't know...

VISITOR: Kind of like...

STUDENT A: Like, 2 times 2 is 4, or...

VISITOR: When you're dealing with groups of numbers?

STUDENT A: Yeah. Mmmm...

VISITOR: Like, anything else?

STUDENT A: Mmm, like, it might be easier than addition?

I launch the lesson with the big idea that a picture is worth one thousand words and a road map of the day's lesson and goals: using math pictures to tell a word story, representing multiplication, and representing division. Because this is not my classroom of students, I take the time to revisit protocols for active listening and mental math.