Introduction - Part A

introduction - part a

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In this clip, Becca Sherman introduces herself to the third grade class and orients them to the day's tasks.

introduction - part a

4th Grade Math - Number Operations: Multiplication & Division
Becca Sherman, Bayshore School District, Daly City, California

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BECCA SHERMAN: You guys remember what it means when you hear them? Okay, cool. So we, um, I'm going to say go ahead once and take a look around, 'cause there are some extra teachers in here, and you guys know that there are some video cameras in here. So go ahead and look around... and then, um, we're just going to do our best to ignore them. We really are. So that was your chance, you waved...

What we're going to do is, we're really going to think about multiplication and division today, and work with it a little bit. And this big idea — a picture's worth a thousand words. Who's heard that saying before? Some of you guys. What do you think that means? What are they saying? A picture's worth a thousand words. Derek, what do you think?

STUDENT: The picture can tell itself.

BECCA SHERMAN: Okay. Anyone want to add to Derek's idea? Yeah.

STUDENT: Um, like, it describes it?

BECCA SHERMAN: Describes something. What else? Any other ideas? Okay. Well, we're going to try to get to know what this saying means when we start looking at lots of words that have to do with multiplication and division. We're gonna get our brains warmed up, so I need active listening. You guys know what that means. Bodies facing this way, eyes, hands are free, because it's all, right now it's mental math, so you don't need a pencil or a pen. And we're gonna keep adding to this list as we go.

Multiplication and division. What... is something you think you know about multiplication? And it might be something we've done together, like.. a factor times a factor is a... mul-ti-ple? So what is, in your words, what do we know about multiplication? What could we say up there? Talk to your partner. Say something... tell someone next to you, wherever you are, what's something you know about multiplication? Can you come sit right here so you guys can talk?

I launch the lesson with the big idea that a picture is worth one thousand words and a road map of the day's lesson and goals: using math pictures to tell a word story, representing multiplication, and representing division. Because this is not my classroom of students, I take the time to revisit protocols for active listening and mental math.