Lesson - Part 7

lesson - part 7

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Students were asked to think about what they noticed during the activity and share with the class. This was a stopping point, and many groups weren’t finished. Students were asked to glue the matches they were confident with and clip the others to finish the next day.

lesson - part 7

5th Grade Math - Interpreting Fractions
Michelle Kious, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School District, Daly City, California

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MICHELLE KIOUS: Zero. So I'm about ready to let you do some gluing, but before I do that, um, I, I definitely see that we do need some, some more time with this, and I do want you to have some more time because we're, we have another card sort that we're going to work with a different representation for fractions. So if you met with a group and you were confident, you agreed with, um, your placement, then I'll let you go ahead and do the ones that...glue the ones that you're confident with. The ones that you're not so confident with, I'm going to give you a paper clip. You have them written on your white paper, so you'll still know where they go, but if you're not confident with them and you feel like you're not ready to glue yet, I'm going to have you clip those together, so you can do a little bit more thinking about them. We'll talk a little bit more tomorrow.

Um, but before we wrap up, I would like somebody to, um, raise their hand in a minute, just have some time to think, what did you notice? Something that you noticed about the activity that we did today. So just think for a minute first. Something that you noticed today while you were working on the subject. Thinking first. Raise your hand if you can tell something that you noticed today while you were working on this activity, something that stood out to you. Jenny, what's one thing that you noticed today?

STUDENT: Um, line segments.

MICHELLE KIOUS: You were noticing line segments. Okay. Something else that you noticed today. Somebody else? Tanicia?

STUDENT: I thought it was a little bit difficult, difficult than the last time we did this, I think.

MICHELLE KIOUS: Ah, so you think that, that measurement model was a little bit more difficult than yesterday's area model. How many people agree with that? Raise your hand if you agree. I agree, too. I think it's a little bit more difficult. It was challenging today, but I heard some really good thinking. Anybody else have something else they want to share that they noticed? Cornelius?

STUDENT: Like, you know how like we only had to draw like one time we could... we had to draw like how many times...like more times than we had to draw the blue cards.

MICHELLE KIOUS: So was it harder when you had to create your own model, you had to draw? Okay. So this is something that we're going to continue to work with. So right now I'm going to give you just a little of bit of time. Again, you're only gluing down the ones that you're certain of. And then I'll give you a paper clip to clip together the ones that you're not certain of. And you're going to clip it to your white paper, so that you will have it ready for tomorrow. Make sure you clip it carefully so that you don't lose the pieces. And tomorrow, I'm going to give you some time to continue, but we're also going to work with sorting another representation of fractions. So, um, I think you guys need to pat yourselves on the back because you did a really good job today. You did a lot of hard work. Okay? Um, so right now, um, if the group helper could get the glue sticks and you could start gluing the ones that you're sure of. If you're ready and you know which one, go ahead and glue it. Yeah. So then let's peel off these two, and then this card that you don't have a match from, maybe that's the one that you need the blank because I don't see, there were some blanks, so maybe you need one of the blanks. You're done? Okay.

STUDENT: We are gluing it.

MICHELLE KIOUS: So if you're done, you can be cleaning up, and...

STUDENT: Do you think this is right because...

MICHELLE KIOUS: ...and make sure your area's cleaned up and get out your reading book when you're done.

I was hoping for students to share more specific things that they noticed during the activity. This was a open question, and I might have structured it more to elicit more detailed responses. This activity would be continued the next day.