Lesson - Part 3

lesson - part 3

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Students who have completed the original task are challenged with changing the total number of cubes to 15 or 20.

lesson - part 3

1st Grade Math - Base Ten Menu
Liz O'Neill, M.H. Tobias Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School District, Daly City, California

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00:00 You guys ready for a challenge?

00:01 Okay.

00:02 Yeah? Okay. 1, 2,3,4,5. How many do you have all together now?

00:10 15.

00:11 15! So instead of 10, you can cross off your 10. What do you have now?

00:19 All right. So now, you're starting off with 15. All right. It's Hayden's turn to hide.

00:27 What number do you see?

00:29 I see the number.... 10.

00:38 10? How many are hiding?

00:40 Uh...

00:49 Can you use your number line to help you, if you need to?

CCMP: Use appropriate tools strategically

00:53 Absolutely.

01:02 So you found

Students of all ages can rise to the challenge of high expectations. The video clip demonstrates that first graders thrive in this type of environment.