day 3: differentiating tools from each other

day 3: differentiating tools from each other

Presenting and Selecting Tools: Mia introduces the ten-sticks after the unifix cubes, because she wants her students to understand decomposing numbers and be able to break them apart in different ways before introducing groups of ten. In doing so, she reinforces three norms about tools: that they are to share ideas, that ideas take time, and that it’s important to ask before taking apart other people’s ideas, as they may be mathematically important to a peer’s work.

What tools do you introduce, when, and how?

These videos are discussed in the Inside Mathematics guide "Using Tools in Support of Thinking, Mia Buljan, 2nd grade," one of 10 practice-focused guides on building classroom climates for mathematical learning.

The videos document key mathematical practices observed in teacher Mia Buljan's 2nd grade classroom over the course of a school year. In the guide (available as a PDF or an iBook download), you can explore extended narratives and questions for reflection around "using tools in support of thinking."

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